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Lightweight, multifunction, modular and adaptable to many types of Combat Aircraft

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Capitalizing on its experience of more than 50 years, Thales has developed the RDY-3 to provide a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for combat aircraft modernization.

The RDY-3 features all the advanced functions required for a multirole aircraft of the 21st century.

Air-to-Air function with its advanced automatic mode management reduces pilot workload- search domain management, multi-target priority management- and enables better tactical situation assessment and mission efficiency.

Advanced Combat modes with fast and automatic target acquisition and tracking are adapted to hard target maneuvers.  High quality target designation is associated to simultaneous multi-tracking and multi-shoot capability.

The Air-to-Surface modes are adapted to various missions in land or maritime environment: navigation, fixed or mobile target acquisition, very low-level penetration, strike, reconnaissance.

RDY-3 is onboard the Mirage 2000 I/TI, currently in service with the Indian Air Force.