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SPS-TA provides transport aircraft with a dedicated self-protection system. The system ensures early detection of threats and provides the crew with full EW situation awareness, to avoid hostile weapons sites.

> SPS-TA: a robust system approach

Individual assets integrated through high-speed digital links:
- Maximum flexibility
- Faster reaction-time
- Minimum interface with other avionics equipment
- Back-up modes (individual assets can still operate independently)

Programmable central computer for complete EW system management:
- Threat data fusion (radar, missile and possibly laser)
- Smart link to countermeasures (automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes)
- Security and reflex decoy ejection available
- Electromagnetic compatibility functions
- Full capability for interfacing with a multiplex bus (ARINC or RS links, 1553B...)

User self-sufficiency for software control:
- Operational Flight Program (OFP) clearly separated from the threat library
- Quick reprogramming of mission threat library
- Software documentation and support tools

Easy maintenance:
- High reliability and full Built-In-Test (BIT)
- Integrated maintenance policy
- Low Life-Cycle Cost (LCC)

> Protecting the aircraft against missiles

Acting as a "switch-on and forget system", the SPS-TA V1 requires no crew action thus reducing its stress and workload. Operating in all adverse conditions, the
SPS-TA V1 features an extremely low false alarm rate and has demonstrated high-level performance through extensive tests, showing its ability to perform overall self-protection against missiles.

> Protecting the helicopter and providing situational awareness

SPS-TA V2 is a comprehensive system to provide enhanced EW situational awareness and self-protection.
The SPS-TA V2 is a complete turnkey solution to protect aircraft against both active and passive threats in modern warfare environment. In all operating conditions, threat is detected, tracked and countered using minimum chaff and flare load. Full EW situational awareness is provided by the SPS processing which combines the data issued from the various sensors.

Core system
- SPS system processing
- TDS-TA Radar Warning Receiver
- Latest generation MWS-20 TA Missile Approach Warner
- Chaff & Flares Dispensers

Optional equipment
- Various types of Laser Warning Receivers
- Interface for optional Infra-Red and/or Radio-Frequency Jammer