Surveillance capability for individuals and crew during degraded visibility conditions in the operational theatre, enabling accurate detection, recognition, identification, localization and report to C2. From uncooled to cooled thermal sensors, from 3-5μm to 8-12μm detectors, from mono to multi functions, SOPHIE Family equipment ensures high efficiency to multi purpose missions.


• Long range surveillance and target acquisition
• 24/24 operation, including adverse conditions and dirty battlefield
• Detection of camouflaged targets
• Target Locator

• Image stabilisation
• Recognition range class: 3 to 5 km
• Mission reporting (image storage)
• Applications where axis stability is required (tripods applications, anti-tank weapon)
• A complete range of common accessories for all SOPHIE Family equipment


Our products

  • SOPHIE - Hand-held long range thermal imager
  • SOPHIE MF - Hand-held IR target locator
  • SOPHIE XF - Multifunction Hand Held Thermal Imager with Continuous Optical Zoom
  • SOPHIE UF - high tempo covert operations with MultiFunction capability