Sotas consists of a family of modular components that can be assembled and scaled to provide optimal system configurations for all vehicle types and missions.

A simple vehicle intercom only requires one single Sotas unit. Larger and more complex systems are created by adding crew stations, network nodes, software packages, and hardware option modules.

This unique building block approach provides great flexibility and logistics advantages for supporting the broad spectrum of military tactical vehicles. It enables Thales to deliver tailor-made solutions to every customer, without development, using proven off-the-shelf Sotas building blocks.

Installed Sotas systems can easily be upgraded when new requirements emerge with respect to system size and functionality. These upgrades are performed with minimal impact on the existing installation.

With a proven history and core competence in development and delivery of ruggedized, light-weight, tactical systems Thales offers significant benefits:

  • Low Risk – Solutions based on a proven family of equipment with more than 21,000 systems deployed in more than 30 countries in approximately 50 types of vehicles
  • Flexibility – A high level of scalability and flexibility to meet the requirements for the full range of tracked and wheeled platforms as well as allow for future evolution
  • Short lead-times – Based on off-the-shelf standardized building blocks, Thales delivers tailor-made solutions with short lead-times.
  • Experience – An established  Contractor with proven ISO9001 certified processes, production and support experience ensures low management risk.