Spanish Army shares its experience of using its BMS with Thales

On November 7th , a delegation of Thales, with top representatives from 15 European American, Asian and Australian countries, visited Brigrada Guadarrama XII of the Army at the military base located in El Goloso (Madrid).

In this way, the existing collaboration between the Army and industry was shown in order to develop most advanced Battlefield Management Systems and associated Radio Communications solutions in the world, which is currently deployed in international missions such as Latvia, Mali and recently in Lebanon. The experience of using the BMS in the area of operations was very revealing for Thales professionals, to adapt their command and control systems as well as communications to the users’ new needs in the area of operations.


The delegation of Thales was led by the Vice President, Radio Communication Products, Christophe Dumas, as well as the Director of Defense, Aerospace and Security of Thales in Spain, José Sarnito. This business generates annual sales of more than 1,000 million euros in key products for the defense sector both in Spain and worldwide with equipment such as PR4G, SOTAS or Nextwave.


One of the most relevant developments for the market today is the software-defined radios family, Synaps, which is Thales' proposal for the new 8x8 vehicle or to progressively replace the current radios to modernize military radiocommunications.  The new needs voice and data in simultaneous forms and interoperability with other radio models or with command and control systems to ensure the success of operations, as well as protect soldiers during missions are a real stake.


At the end of the visit was reflected the need to establish a good collaboration with the industry. A solid defense industry formed by European and local actors, to generate solutions of high added value and that do not incur investment in the development of existing products, such as the development of the BMS system of the Army.


BMS, Spanish high technology in international missions

The BMS-ET is the most advanced command and control system that exists at the moment in the market. It is a solution developed to support the work of the commanders when carrying out the planning and conducting of a mission on the operations zone.


The system allows Spanish units and vehicles to share information in real time. Vehicle operators thus have a complete vision of everything that happens in their environment and are able to coordinate and react to any situation in their decisive moments.


The BMS-ET also improves the interoperability of the Spanish armor with the systems used by the units of other NATO countries, which is key in international missions.