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Biometric technology to control COVID-19

After several months of lockdown in Spain, returning to normality will take place with limitations to avoid a new massive outbreak among the population. Citizens will try to recover their pre-crisis routines, however, we will all have to adapt to the new scenario that COVID-19 will entail.

The possibility of attending massive events, cinemas, theaters, or simply use a means of transport makes it necessary to adopt technology that facilitates the work of counting people, as well as controlling other risk factors, either body temperature or mask absence  in places where it is mandatory.

Biometrics allows all these actions to be carried out, as well as others associated with citizen security. FRP (Face Recognition Platform) is Thales' biometric facial recognition solution, whose algorithm is based on deep neural networks. This solution provides real-time or delayed videos to identify people in a non-intrusive way, without operator intervention, depending on the customer's needs.

The FRP solution can also be run from multiple platforms such as a computer, in the cloud, on tablets or smartphones, making it easier for the operator to control when the alarm is triggered by excess of capacity in a special area or by another health-related alert.

Thales already has the pilot experience of using facial recognition in the boarding process at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. The system uses face recognition to board without needing to show identification documents, the user just need to give authorization by registering itself in advance on the solution. This same algorithm can also count people in an area of the airport terminal or a train station, as well as to control whether all passengers wear the mask when entering the plane or train.

In the field of security, border crossings have an entry control system using facial recognition technology. This systems needs cameras installed between the border entry and exit points of the cities involved, micro-dome cameras and the platform Thales FRP (Face Recognition Platform) software to control the CCTV System. The main objective is to monitor the number of people entering and leaving the border posts, detecting the number of individuals who do not return after a period. The implementation of this solution is totally flexible allowing the inspection of people inside any vehicle. It is a state-of-the-art measure that makes it possible to shorten time in border control and increase security, where thousands of people pass through daily.

In addition, this solution complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, since the express authorization of the user is requested according to the purposes that each organization establishes.

Therefore this same technology can be used in a shopping center, train station or in a stadium, the algorithm simply exists and it is only necessary to adapt it to the casuistry of each environment.