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Thales protects Spanish troops in the route clearance missions of the Army

The Army for threat detection in the field, height search, target designation and verification of the deactivation of the Thales Gecko M system.  

The system integrated into the Unidades de Limpieza de Rutas (route clearance units) can verify the threat neutralization and send quality images to the Jefatura de Ingenieros (engineering headquarters) of the hierarchical superior level. The thermal camera, visible laser and optronic and sensory head are some of its most characteristic elements.

On an extensible mast that can reach up to six metres in height, the equipment can look for signs on the long-distance track and the detection of hostile individuals, improvised explosive devices (IED) or adequate surveillance of the areas adjacent to the road from where different threats may be activated.

In addition, thanks to its versatility, height searches in buildings on 2nd or 3rd floors can be performed, as well as target designation through visible and infrared laser and the use of the thermal camera in adverse weather or visibility conditions.

The system that has been successfully installed and tested is operational for its possible use in future international missions that could be entrusted to the Army. Currently, the Spanish ET (Army) deploys Units or contributes in various missions in Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Mali, Afghanistan... among others.