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The Magazine Actualidad Económica recognizes Voice Card and GreenSpeed in the "100 Best Ideas of the Year"

The aim of these awards is to recognize differentiating and innovative products and services in Spain.

In this edition, Thales Spain has been awarded with two of its innovations, in the area of banking and transportation.

"Voice Card" in the Finance and Insurance category, a breakthrough for the visually impaired.  This solution allows visually impaired people to make purchases autonomously and securely. Thales was alerted that fraud and errors were a major problem for visually impaired customers when making purchases with payment cards and so invented this solution.

In the Sustainability category, the "GreenSpeed" transportation solution was selected for making trains a more efficient means of transportation.

As an innovative company committed to the planet, Thales has a driver assistance system (DAS) called GreenSpeed. This system is committed to decarbonizing the transport sector by 2030. And it does so with these objectives in mind: comfort, punctuality, reliability and minimum energy costs.

The key to achieving this lies in optimizing the speed of the train at all times so that there are no disturbances such as abrupt speed reductions, stops or accelerations in order to arrive at the right time at stations, connection points or intersections. In this way, time slots are always adhered to, with lower CO2 emissions.