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Thales modernises rails between Tortosa and L’Aldea-Amposta stations for greater safety, efficiency and passenger comfort


•   New electronic interlocks have been brought into operation in Tortosa and Campredó stations, and L’Aldea station has been modified to better manage the movements of trains, communications and signalling, due to a contract awarded by Adif.
•    The traffic control offices and the installation of the Local Operations Centres (LOCs) have been upgraded with Thales technology on this particular section of the R16 line of the commuter and middle-distance rail service.
•    The section of the Barcelona-Tortosa railway line notably expands its safety, effectiveness and availability.


The new renovated management systems and electronic interlocks are essential for the optimal management of rail traffic insofar as they are the ones that regulate train movements, safety, security and communications installations and signalling in stations.

Additionally, new videographic systems have been deployed as well as new light signals, connection boxes and axle counters. All these improvements have been combined with the reuse of existing point machines, which were integrated into the new interlocks.

These new and modern equipments for managing traffic, signalling and communication systems have increased the parameters of availability, functionality efficiency of the services on the R16 commuter line as well as the public services on the Valencia-Tortosa-Barcelona middle-distance line.

Furthermore, the Single-Track Automatic Blocking system with centralized traffic control between L’Aldea and Tortosa stations has been updated and a new cable network for the safety installations has been deployed. This has achieved greater flexibility for the railway operations and of course greater comfort and safety for travellers.