Spy Ranger mini-drones for reconnaissance and field surveillance

Ability to collect images from a distance is a significant asset for efficient field monitoring. Acquiring 210 of Thales’s mini-drones gave the French Army a unique reconnaissance and observation capability.

A flying eye for field surveillance

Actually seeing what is going on around on the field is part of the vital needs of an Army. The Spy Ranger mini-drones were developed by Thales in a partnership with Aviation Design and Merio, two small French companies. They mix the best technologies available in reconnaissance today.
The Spy Ranger mini-drones bought by the French Army can be used for border or territory surveillance, or for monitoring a field of operations. They have an autonomy of up to 2:30 and can cover an area of up to 30 kilometers radius. They are equipped with optronic sensors, combining image captation and software processing.

The advantages of Spy Ranger

Mini Spy Ranger drones bring together unique qualities:
- Precision: the sensor is mounted on a gyrostabilized carrier, allowing it to remain fixed on its target in all circumstances. It includes a day camera and a night camera.
- Lightness: each drone can be carried in a backpack (14.5 kg).
- Simplicity: the drone can be operational in 12 minutes, with no tools needed. Flying it requires one single operator and a short training.
- Security of data exchange between the drone and the ground station: an ultra-secure broadband connection broadcasts images in real time.
Spy Ranger is extremely easy to handle, and designed to outsmart existing anti-drone devices. The drones will be deployed in groups of 3. With this Thales technology, the French Army has taken a head start in the fields of surveillance and intelligence.