Thales’ UP-LS range of coolers has proven to provide excellent performance under extreme conditions, combining ultra-reliable operation with affordability. LINEAR STIRLING COOLERS are especially designed for cooling detectors in thermal imagers and IR sensors. Cold finger design and dedicated IDCA design are available.

Main characteristics
-Comprehensive range of versions
-Produce and sustain detector operating temperature of 80K at ambient temperatures up to +71°C
-Lower and higher detector temperatures possible
-Dual opposed pistons driven by linear motors minimise compressor vibration and acoustic noise
-No rotating parts and no friction seals
-No maintenance required
-Sealed for life by laserwielding technologies
-No lubricants
-Cooling power related to input power
-Can be easily controlled
-Available in different hermetically sealed slip-on and IDCA configurations

Our products
-UP 7080/LS 5-5
-UP 7086/LS 2-5
-UP 7087/LS 5-7
-UP 7088/LS 10-11
-UP 7097/LS 5-7i
-UP 7098/LS 10-11i

Overview The results of many years of fundamental and experimental research have been condensed into the state of the art design of a very reliable miniature Stirling Cooler, combining two technical breakthroughs: flexure bearings and moving magnets. These two breakthroughs have resulted in an extremely reliable cryocooler, without sacrificing other important aspects such as affordability, compactness and weight. Main characteristics -Flexure-bearing suspension, -Moving magnet technology. -Wear is virtually zero. -2ndGeneration which is 33% smaller and lighter Our products 1STGENERATION – LSF 91XX FAMILY -LSF 9180 -LSF 9187 -LSF 9197 -LSF 9188 -LSF 9189 -LSF 9199 2NDGENERATION – LSF 95XX FAMILY -LSF 9580 -LSF 9587 -LSF 9597 -LSF 9588 -LSF 9589 -LSF 9599 LSF 93XX FAMILY -LSF 9320
Overview The STIRLING CRYOGENICS has manufactured more than 10 000 units of rotary coolers. It has been practice-proven for many years and all units have been installed in many applications worldwide. Main characteristics -Cold t°: 60 –150K -Cooling power: 0,25 – 2 W -DC brushless motors -Lubricant free -High resistance to mechanical and thermal environment -MTTF of over 6000 operating hours (up to 8000 hours for certain applications) -Clearance seal concept (no wearing seals) -Hard coatings -Low cost Our products SPLIT ROTARY CRYOCOOLERS -RS5-5 SPLIT STIRLING INTEGRAL ROTARY CRYOCOOLERS -RM2-7i INTEGRAL IDCA -RM3 INTEGRAL IDCA -RM4 INTEGRAL IDCA -RM5-7i INTEGRAL IDCA
Overview Thales’ drive electronics offer an unsurpassed performance in output quality, efficiency, electronic interference and robustness. Main characteristics -UA 707x series converter operates from unregulated DC input -Produces precisely controlled sinusoidal AC supply, -Meets the drive requirements of the cryogenic cooler: *Temperature-dependent voltage regulation *Controlled increase in output power during cool down *Sinusoidal output with low harmonic content for maximum efficiency and minimum EMI. -Cooler Drive Electronics designed to drive cryogenic rotary coolers -Single DC power supply: *Three phases output voltage for DC brushless motor drive, *DC current supply for the temperature diode in the Dewar *Full integrated temperature regulation. Our products COOLER DRIVE ELECTRONICS FOR LINEAR CRYOCOOLERS -UA 7070 – Converter -UA 7072 – Converter -UA 7075 – Converter -UA 7079 – Converter COOLER DRIVE ELECTRONIC FOR ROTARY CRYOCOOLERS -DE001 -DE002