Connecting your field operations

Anticipate the unexpected: provide your teams in your theatre of operations with the power of agile tactical networks that evolve effortlessly with your challenges in the field.
In a fast changing world with daily emerging new threats, people around the globe rely on you to protect their security. You rely on modern communication technologies to permanently connect defence actors engaged in conflicts and enable enhanced information flow and data gathering, allowing for decision making based on real-time data analysis. This particularly applies in the field, where all deployed forces strongly depend on integrated tactical networks that operate securely and seamlessly under any circumstances, providing everyone across the complete theatre of operations with the best communication services available at any time. To make this happen, you need technology that can adapt effortlessly to evolving challenges as they occur.
At Thales, we understand your unique requirements
Our teams of system architects, cyber security experts and former military professionals work relentlessly to provide you with solutions that truly stand the stress-test of your missions. As a managed service operator supporting troops in the field, our teams know and understand your requirements first hand.
Theatre communication’s solution
Theatre’s solution is a tactical communications network solution that connects your command to deployed and on-the-move forces, bringing critical communication services all the way to the front line. It’s your guarantee to maintain information supremacy, providing the crucial available, adaptability, speed and security for your missions.
In your line of activity, experience matters
Experts in large system integrations and 40+ years of experience in designing, integrating, building and operating defence IT and communication systems, we tailor solutions that deliver guaranteed results.
Why should that matter to you?
•You increase your operational field excellence through continuous mission-critical communication services across your entire theatre of operations. Our cutting-edge technology will choose the most appropriate network, depending on the stress situation and bandwidth availability, to guarantee you
service continuity.
•Your armed forces can act fast thanks to access to essential information that is brought closer to the field and updated regularly.
•You optimize your system availability through a resilient tactical network, capable to manage priorities.
•You can count on field-proven robustness against complex climatic, environmental and electronic attacks.

Our mission is to support you — whatever it takes