Thales is a long-time supplier of multiple Combat Management and Communication Systems to the Royal Thai Navy as well as digital tactical radios to the Royal Thai Marines. These include the TACTICOS Combat Management System (CMS), VARIANT surveillance & tracking radar, LIROD fire control radars and the MIRADOR observation and tracking system.
Thales is building an indigenous capability with its partners in Thailand, allowing the Royal Thai Navy to receive local service and support as well as operational systems training.

In the land domain, Thales has a wide portfolio of systems and products for soldier and military vehicle applications. The Group has been modernising tactical communication capabilities since 2008 and is continuously working with the Royal Thai Army to offer world-class modern digital communications. Furthermore, the Group is a major supplier of electronic warfare equipment, dedicated to intelligence and counter-measure applications, as well as thermal imagers & radars for surveillance operations.

In air defence, the Royal Thai Army selected Thales’ STARStreak Air Defence System in 2012. The system comprises the world’s fastest very-short-range air defence (VSHORAD) missile and Lightweight Multiple Launchers (LML). Following up on this initial purchase, in 2015, Thales signed a new contract to supply the Royal Thai Army with the second and third batches of the STARStreak Air Defence System.

In April 2016, Thales was awarded two significant contracts for the supply of a full spectrum of Above-water and Underwater solutions for the Royal Thai Navy. In one contract, Thales was awarded the role of prime contractor for an extensive upgrade of two Bang Rachan Class minehunters built in the late 80’s (HTMS Bang Rachan and HTMS Nong Sarai). As prime contractor, Thales will be responsible for the revised vessel design, repairs and modernisation, the procurement of equipment and the platform integration.

In a second contract, the Royal Thai Navy’s second Krabi Class vessel will be equipped with a Thales integrated solution that includes the TACTICOS combat management system and an integrated bridge and navigation suite. Thales will supply the Tactical Data Links Link RTN and LINK-Y Mk2 and all internal and external communication systems as well as be responsible for all integration activities, including the 76 mm gun, 2x 30mm gun and HARPOON SSM.
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