About us

About us

Touching all of our lives, every day

As the UK’s second largest defence electronics supplier – and one of the world’s most innovative – Thales employs approximately 8,000 people in more than 35 locations across the country. But defence is just one of several areas in which we’re breaking new ground.

Thales UK touches all of our lives, every day. Our expertise in secure network communications, for example, safeguards as many as 3.7 billion BACS transactions, worth around £1 trillion, every year. We are a leader in onboard equipment for civil and military aircraft. And every time you take a train journey you’re relying on Thales to help you arrive safely.

The simple fact is that, every single day, organisations in all areas of government, defence, aerospace, banking, finance, energy and air travel are trusting Thales UK to deliver safety, security and seamless information management.


A world leader in the UK


The first Thales (Thomson-CSF) marketing operation in the United Kingdom dates back to the early 1970s. Since then, the Group has expanded its operations in the country through a series of external growth operations, the largest of which was the acquisition of Racal in 2000.

 Other acquisitions include Shorts Missile Systems, Rediffusion, Thorn Missile Electronics, Redifon MEL, Avimo, the sonar businesses of Ferranti and GEC Marconi, Pilkington Optronics, and others.

 Thales UK prides itself on its commitment to understanding and serving the needs of all its customers, and to delivering on quality, time and cost. Our operations mirror the group's international business interests, with six main thriving business domains in the UK:

  • Transportation Systems, including Revenue Collection Systems, Integrated Communication and Supervision Systems, Rail Signalling for Main Lines and Rail Signalling for Urban Rail
  • Air Operations, including Air Traffic Management, Surface Radar and Military Air Operations
  • Defence & Security C4I Systems, including Radio Communication Products, Information Technology Security, Network & Infrastructure Systems, Protection Systems and Critical Information Systems
  • Avionics, including Commercial Avionics, Military Avionics, Helicopter Avionics, In-Flight Entertainment, Electrical Systems, Training & Simulation and Microwave & Imaging Sub- Systems
  • Defence Mission Systems, including Electronic Combat Systems, Airborne Mission Systems, Under Water Systems and Above Water Systems
  • Land Defence, including Advanced Weapon Systems, Missile Electronics, Optronics, Armaments and Protected Vehicles