Thales supports the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition at HMS Collingwood

Thales is proud to be supporting the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition at HMS Collingwood on Saturday 2 June 2018.

Thales Group - RN Gun  Crew 450px
HMS Collingwood Crews competing in ’12 Pound Cup’ event

The tournament is held annually at HMS Collingwood in Fareham, Hampshire with 21 crews currently competing, representing units of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines as well as the British Army and Royal Air Force.

As part of its commitment to support military sport, and the ethos of what the event embodies, Thales is sponsoring both HMS Collingwood Field Gun Crews.

Each crew of 18 highly disciplined, motivated, and physically fit field gunners, race to assemble an antique field gun and run with it, disassembling and reassembling as the competition requires, before dramatically dragging the gun home.

Lieutenant John Davies, the Field Gun Officer for both crews said “Given Thales’s close relationship with the establishment as a leading training support provider for various equipment, along with their support to the wider Royal Navy we are grateful that Thales UK have grasped the opportunity to sponsor both of our HMs Collingwood Field Gun Crews for the 2018 Brickwood’s Field Gun Competition.”

Thales in the UK has a significant presence at HMS Collingwood – the MoD’s prime naval training establishment delivering training in Warfare, Weapon Engineering, Seamanship and Military skills.

Through the MoD support model, Thales in the UK also facilitates naval communications training on significant UK platforms including QEC and Type 45 as well as provision on military warfare training and weapons engineering training.

Images courtesy of HMS Collingwood