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Stuart Boulton - Thalesgroup
VP, Land and Air Systems

Stuart joined Thales in 2010 as Managing Director of the Optronics and Land business in the UK, later the following year he also took on the additional role of Managing Director of the UK Missile Electronics business. During 2013 Stuart was appointed Vice President of Missile Electronics and Optronics where he took responsibility for the Global Business Line of Missile Electronics while becoming the deputy for the Optronics Global Business Line. In January 2016 Stuart was appointed to the Senior Management Team as VP, Land and Air Systems UK. He also retains his Global Business Line responsibilities as Deputy of the merged Optronics and Missile Electronics Business Lines.
Before joining Thales, Stuart was the Managing Director of DRS Technologies in the UK which, during his tenure, became part of the Finmeccanica Group. Prior to this, he accumulated over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace & Defence sector, previously holding Vice-President and Managing Director positions at Spirent, Bowthorpe and Penny & Giles International plc. Stuart graduated in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 1984 and gained an MBA in 1992. He achieved considerable experience in electronic hardware and software disciplines while working his way through the ranks after completing his broad-based engineering apprenticeship.
Stuart has extensive international experience having led globalisation initiatives which required the harmonisation and the standardisation of business processes and working practices. He led the adoption of a solutions mind-set linking product development, procurement and manufacturing to achieve “World Class” competitiveness. In addition he led and managed the acquisition and integration of business units in the UK, USA and Pacific Rim.
Stuart is married to Julie and has two children. Between work, local community and family commitments he enjoys playing golf, listening to music and watching sports.