The Thales Network Management Systems (NMS) family of products provides fully, flexible solutions to meet all aspects of the Link 16 Network Management cycle.

Tactical Data Links such as Link 16 play a key role in the CONOPS from threat detection to deployment of responses and in delivering full ISTAR capability.

The NMS family of products is designed to enable Mission Commanders to deploy their Link 16 enabled assets to maximum effectiveness even in complex joint coalition operations. Network Management enables efficient use of the available bandwidth and prevents inadvertent misuse of the frequency spectrum and contravention of local FCA regulations.

Thales has over 15 years of expertise in the development of Network Management Systems that provide scalable solutions from single network, single terminal systems to national country-wide multi-network, multi-terminal architectures, leading to a fully integrated C4I systems.

Total through life support includes the provision of expert consultants to identify and plan the needs, provision of scalable solutions, training and systems support/maintenance solutions.