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  • It was all about trains in the Thales Workshop at Vienna Kids University

    “We turn university upside down” is the motto of the Kids University in Vienna where Thales participated for the first time.

  • Spacebus Neo: the ideal platform for very high throughput telecom satellites!

    Today we want to be connected anywhere and anytime; we want to have access to more and more content at any given moment; we want to eliminate all shadow zones and bridge the digital divide to ensure connectivity anywhere in the world. Satellite telecommunications systems, especially the digital variety, are undoubtedly the best solution to meet the requirements of a fast changing and fiercely competitive market.

  • Research areas for DARTeC announced at Farnborough International Airshow

    Following the creation of the £67 million Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC), of which Thales is a founding partner, the primary research areas aimed at addressing challenges in digital aviation have been unveiled at this year’s Farnborough International Airshow.

  • Thales Alenia Space in the UK

    Thales Alenia Space in the UK, established in 2014, is a world-leading space systems design, integration and manufacturing company with advanced space engineering facilities in Bristol, Harwell and Belfast.

  • 2018 Farnborough Airshow: join us on a trip into the heart of Space!

    The European satellite-maker will be highlighting its wide range of activities at this event. The focus will be on constellations, such as Iridium® NEXT for telecommunications, BlackSky for Earth Observation, the new Spacebus NEO telecom product line, and space exploration with the fabulous ExoMars program in the spotlight.

  • Climate Change & Satellites

    Satellites are one of the most vital components in better understanding our planet. And it’s no accident that the latest edition of the book Climate Change & Satellites, published by Sud[s] Concepts for Thales Alenia Space, is entitled “Acting Together”.

  • Putting trust into digital transformation

    We already have the technology to move into the new Age of Digital Transformation. So what’s holding us back?

  • Mastering the battlefield

    Thales’s Bushmaster vehicle has been saving lives in the most dangerous conflict regions for years. Now, the new UK MR6 version is set to continue mastering the battlefield with this truly remarkable record of survivability.

  • REVOLVE(ing) around Toulouse!

    We already told you about the REVOLVE project and its “REVOLVERS” back in May. Well, they’re back and rarin’ to go! The doctoral students handling this project, known as REVOLVE(RS), will be hanging out in the Place du Capitole in Toulouse, from July 7 to 13, for the event “Toulouse, European Capital of Science”

  • Thales in the UK celebrates its 130th anniversary

    On 30 June, Thales in the UK celebrated its 130th birthday, one of the longest and most illustrious “innings” in the history of British engineering companies.