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  • Sarah Tack: setting the global strategy for safety

    Sarah Tack is one of the many talented women working at Thales, inspiring young engineers and professionals across London and the UK.

  • And the Emmy goes to… Cassini

    NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was awarded an Emmy Award in 2018 for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for its coverage of the Cassini mission's Grand Finale at Saturn.

  • Happy Birthday Cygnus!

    September 18th 2018 - Five years ago, the first Cygnus spacecraft was successfully launched at 14:58:02.2 (GMT) by an Antares 110 rocket.

  • How can technology enhance London’s passenger experience?

    Signaling is core to assuring on-time transit, which leads to a good passenger experience.

  • Thales’s 2nd Customer Space Event is a Hit!

    On Sunday 9th September, partners from around the world were welcomed in the heart of Paris for Thales’s 2nd Satellite Community Leaders Forum.

  • Transport of delight

    Sustainability starts the moment you decide to leave your car at home and take the train instead.

  • Robots on rails

    Autonomous trains are coming. We explore how our customers could benefit from this revolutionary technology – and where it might ultimately take us.

  • Thales Lite4ce™smart sensing solution

    A new sensor is about to transform railway industry

  • Keeping trains moving

    The future of metro signalling has arrived with Thales SelTracTM G7

  • Cybersecurity for rail

    What’s the best way to safeguard your railway network?