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  • Getting there sooner: a new route to self-driving cars

    Manufacturers and regulators still face a long journey, but ground-breaking research by XPI Simulation and the University of Warwick could soon pave the way for the UK government to allow fully autonomous vehicles on our roads…

  • Airport_Businessmen - Thalesgroup
    Air transport: The digital revolution is only just beginning

    Surfing the net in-flight or at an airport, ordering what we need for our travels on our smartphone or laptop - these recent innovations have become commonplace, simplifying our increasingly nomadic lives. And yet we are only at the beginning of the digital revolution in terms of air transport.

  • COUNTER UAV - Thalesgroup
    Drones: the critical need to secure airports

    Drones are becoming increasingly popular among the general public. For a small cost, drones fitted with high quality photo/video sensors and impressive power reserves, coupled with constant technological advances, give their owners a wide field of action.
    However, these devices represent a challenge for air traffic and airport security.

  • banner Critical infrastructure airport color - Thalesgroup
    Airports get smarter with Thales

    In the time it takes to read this article (about three or four minutes), more than 20,000 people will have boarded flights worldwide.

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    Security and cybersecurity: priorities for the aerospace sector

    As the 2017 Paris Air Show has opened its doors, Marc Darmon, Executive Vice President, Secure Communications and Information Systems, speaks about the new security and cybersecurity challenges facing the aerospace sector as a whole. He points to today's investment priorities for airport security and explains how cybersecurity creates value by enabling new services for customers and passengers alike.

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    Travel the world safely

    Because they play such a strategic role in a country's economy, airports present an unparalleled set of security challenges.

  • A new connected solution for security force vehicles - Thalesgroup
    A new connected solution for security force vehicles

    On the eve of the Milipol exhibition in Paris, Thales and Gruau announce a partnership to develop a new connected solution for patrol vehicles of the future, supporting the digital transformation of law enforcement and security services.

  • caméra Gecko - Thalesgroup
    The Gecko camera, a solution designed for territory surveillance

    Field surveillance requires means tailored for each situation, each field pattern. This is why the Spanish Government has made the acquisition of 12 Gecko cameras, developed in Spain, and set up either on 4x4 vehicles or on fixed stations. They are used for local field surveillance, on border areas or critical sites.

  • Following in the footsteps of a Suffragette

    This year at the Farnborough International Airshow, Donna Foster signed the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter – a pledge to demonstrate a commitment to gender equality – on behalf of Thales. Not only was this a significant moment for Thales, but also for Donna.

  • Jason Bray: from the British Army to Thales

    Jason is a Project Manager in the Ground Transportation Systems (GTS) business at Thales UK. But he wasn’t always passionate about infrastructure and London’s Underground network.