Providing security throughout the life cycle of your IT system by ensuring protection up to Defence Top Secret level.

Leveraging a range of data-centric security technologies, Thales offers a comprehensive data protection suite of solutions for protecting enterprises against cybersecurity threats at the highest levels of assurance up to Defence Top Secret level.

  • Review and Advise - Thales gives insight in the Cyber “maturity” of your organization. Thales uses highly trained experts and proven models to assess the As-Is situation, evaluate findings and security risks. Thales cyber specialists will present these findings and  recommendations to the organization’s management.
  • Design and Build  - Thales Cyber consultants, architects en project managers will use the findings and recommendations from the Review en Advise Phase to help organization to build a ‘new’ Cyber secure IT environment 
  • Protective Products - set of comprehensive products to offer our customers full support against cyber threats