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Thales to enhance radio aviation navigation aids quality in Croatia

  • Thales will provide 6 new generation DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) Ground Stations, which will be held in compact outdoor cabinets, representing a significant progress in aviation navigation infrastructure.
  • These robust structures are designed to host aviation navigation equipment outdoors, providing cost-effective solutions and optimal protection, improving carbon footprint impact through efficient new generation equipment and reduced environmental impact.
  • As a trusted partner of the aviation industry, Thales continues to innovate and support the growth and development of reliable and efficient navigation systems.

By offering durable and cost-effective solutions, Thales aims to enhance the efficiency, safety, and reliability of aviation operations. These cabinets provide a reliable and secure environment for housing navigation equipment, ensuring uninterrupted services even in challenging outdoor environments. The stations will be housed in double-walled cabinets, insulated and protected against corrosion, dust, wind, and humidity. This infrastructure reduces costs compared to traditional shelters and integrates batteries, eliminating the need for additional spaces.

With the introduction of the new generation DME equipment, Thales supports the environmental impact reduction in aviation reducing to CO2 emissions through resilient and energy efficient systems, with a significant equipment mass reduction, full remote support maintainability and configurability and significantly improved system availability.

The new DME stations will improve the precision and reliability of navigation aids, essential for effective air traffic management. Croatia Control Ltd. will benefit from this enhancement, supporting both civil and military flights in Croatian airspace. This strategic initiative strengthens our Navigation aids and Non-Radar Surveillance business position in the Croatian market.

“We are proud to be delivering these 6 new generation innovative DME, in total compliance Croatia Control Ltd needs. We are delighted to reinforce our partnership, to be contributing to the safety of Croatian airports.”
Benjamin Binet, VP Navigation and Surveillance.
Chrystelle Dugimont, Civil & Defense Aeronautics, Thales Media Relations
+33 6 25 15 72 93