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The BONIE-HP, the Night Vision Goggle (NVG) at the heart of the Special Forces missionss

The exhibition at the Musée de l'Armée des Invalides in Paris (from 12 October 2022 to 29 January 2023) dedicated to Special Forces gives us the opportunity to revisit the success story of the BONIE HP, the night vision goggles used by the special forces, these land, sea and air commando units whose extreme missions require the most high-performance equipment in the most demanding ergonomics. Designed and produced at the Thales site in Saint-Héand (France), a Thales centre of excellence for dismounted combatant optronics, they regularly contribute to the success of operations. 

From the statement of need by the Special Operations Command in 2014 to the serial production in 2018 to the deployment in the units, discover the behind-the-scenes success story of the JVN BONIE HP. 

In this video Damien Bajard - former SF in charge of equipment and innovation - gives us a rare testimony on the operational benefits of the BONIE NVG. 

The most important thing for a special forces operator is to have full confidence in his equipment to carry out these missions, and this is what the BONIE NVG has to offer both in terms of optics and ergonomics. Having exchanged with other special forces units around the world, we can underline that the JVN Bonie is among the best night vision equipment in the world.

Damien Bajard

Bonie HP, la JVN des Forces Speciales