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New portfolio of Thales laser services to support scientists and research centres

Scientific research relies heavily on technological performance. Instruments that go beyond the state of the art, such as Thales laser systems, enable scientists and their teams to make the major breakthroughs that modern science is seeking.

No need to deal with technological issues and repairs, Thales is taking care of those while scientists can stay focus on their core research works: for more experiments, more publications, more discoveries that will contribute to the revenue consolidation and the international recognition of their research center.

A Thales customized service portfolio for Thales lasers

To be able to respond to laboratories’ requests and help them reach the best performances of their laser systems, Thales has developed a range of services and solutions with guaranteed, measurable results for a yearly fixed price. With the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Thales offers a unique opportunity for customers to choose the level of support they need among this portfolio and have their peace of mind: from basic maintenance to the complete run of operations.



The list of services provided includes:

•          Maintenance & spare parts services to maximize the availability of the laser system

•          Life cycle support services to keep systems up-to-date

•          Training and coaching services to provide the best know-how

•          Day to day operation services: shared with the customer or fully-managed by Thales.


Recently, Thales has thus reinforced its partnership with the IFIN-HH (National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Horia Hulubei) in Romania through an innovative multi-year service contract entrusting Thales the assistance of its customer for the operation of the most powerful system in the world at ELI-NP (Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics), the maintenance of this system, as well as the training of the teams.


Remember power world record at ELI-NP in March 2019