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Thales laser technology & products at SPIE Photonics West March 6 -11, 2021 online edition

Thales is delighted to attend SPIE Photonics West. This 2021 edition is held online only.

At SPIE Photonics West online exhibition, Thales will present its solutions and products. Visit our virtual booth and discover there our latest products RHEA and THEIA which provide breakthrough in performance and reliability for industrial and scientific applications. To know more about these lasers please get in touch with our team for a live chat after registration at

From March 6 to 11 in the SPIE Photonics West Digital Forum, you are also invited to watch Thales on-demand video technical presentations presented by some of Thales' laser experts and partnering scientists.


Presentation 1 – Paper 11664-24

"30 TW and 33 fs pulses delivered by a Ti:Sa amplifier system seeded with a frequency doubled fiber laser "

These results have been obtained in partnership with Alphanov (FR)

Presented by Sébastien Laux - Senior Bid Manager




We report a full experimental comparison study on the injection of a Ti:Sa multi-TW amplifier chain with a standard 15 fs Ti:Sa oscillator and a 35 fs frequency doubled fiber oscillator. The study highlights that the Ti:Sa oscillator with high performances in term of pulse duration and spectral width can be replaced by the frequency doubled fiber oscillator to seed Ti:Sa amplifier chains without almost any compromise on the output pulse duration and the picosecond contrast. Finally, we demonstrate for the first time of our knowledge a 30 TW and 33 fs Ti:Sa amplifier injected by a fiber oscillator.

Watch online from March 6 to 11 at


Presentation 2 –Paper 11666-3

  "10 petawatts laser operation within beam   transport section at ELI-NP"

    Presented by François Lureau - Programme Manager




As major milestone of commissioning phase of beam transport section for the 10 petawatts beamlines of Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) located in Magurele (Romania), we have propagated the beam throughout the beam transport section and measured its energy as well as its pulse duration after compression at full energy and full aperture. 10 consecutive laser pulses have been shot at a repetition rate of 1 shot per minute with  compressed pulse energy ranging between 241 and 246 Joules while pulse duration has been measured at 23 fs leading to the first ever operation above 10 petawatts peak power

Watch online from March 6 to 11 at

Online visit of ELI-NP laser system :


Presentation 3 – Paper 11664-20


"Thick-disk TiSa gain module for high average power amplifier "

Presented by Sandrine Ricaud - Engineering Laser Manager





We present a new concept of thick-disk TiSa amplifier developed for increasing repetition rate of multi-TW laser at 100Hz repetition rate. Thanks to the management of thermal lens and transverse lasing effect, the design of 300mJ amplifier at 100Hz repetition rate is presented. The full characterization of the gain module is done, and the upgrade for J class amplifier is presented. Those amplifiers are pumped by new laser developed by Thales, THEIA family, emitting more than 700mJ at 532nm for 100 and 200Hz repetition rate.

Watch online from March 6 to 11 at


Presentation 4 - Paper 11665-49

"61 channels coherent beam combining femtosecond digital laser"

Presented by Jean-Christophe Chanteloup, of Ecole Polytechnique (FR), Thales’ partner in this research 


Tiled-aperture Coherent Beam Combination architecture opens the way to digital laser operating in high peak and average power regimes.

Watch online from March 6 to 11 at


About Thales laser solutions

For more than 35 years, Thales has been a world leader in design, development and manufacturing of high energy nanosecond lasers for industrial applications and the most powerful ultra-short Ti:Sa femtosecond laser systems for leading scientific applications with peak power up to 10 petawatts. Thales provides the most reliable and easy-to-use products, a unique combination of technological expertise and robustness. Two Thales lasers are onboard NASA’s Curiosity rover operating on Mars since Aug 2012 and NASA’s Perseverance rover that recently landed on Mars on feb 18,2021. For implementation into  industrial applications that require highest availability such as laser annealing, laser lift-off, laser shock peening  and cutting of composites for various industries such as aerospace, microelectronics, flat panel displays and many others, Thales also provides a full range of services, which are optimized to support each customer.

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