Breaking news: We are announcing the #AIChallenge4Health winners soon, don’t miss it!

We’ll be making this announcement on the 25th June via a video which will be published on our Twitter account (@ThalesScience)  and our LinkedIn page  (Thales Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems). We’ve received over 200 entries from all over the world and will be naming three winners.

Following the challenge coming to an end on 21st May, all the entries have been judged according to the specific criteria established at the beginning of the challenge, and now it’s time to announce the winners!

This challenge, held in partnership with Kaizen Solutions and the Data Institute , contributes to our goal of pushing forward the integration of artificial intelligence in radiology. The task, published on the Codalab online platform, was to create a Machine Learning algorithm in order to carry out one of the steps required to calibrate radiological images.

This algorithm will be used in the “3D4CARM” Thales project, which will be creating 3D images in surgical procedures thanks to classical 2D radiology systems.

Through this challenge, you have demonstrated your commitment to innovation in health, and we have really valued this opportunity to collaborate with so many talented people. Thank you for your participation and rendez-vous on the 25th of June!