Our radiology innovations at the RSNA

Thales’s connected platform, a world where radiology systems never break down!

John has been a radiology manager since 2005 and, as far back as he can remember, the failure of radiology systems has never been a regular occurrence. However, when it has happened, hospitals were severely impacted and patient workflow was interrupted for several days. John dreamt of a world where radiology systems would never break down and this is what Thales’s 2019 “Connected Radiology” platform now enables.

This innovative interface monitors radiological systems in real time and remotely, opening the door to predictive maintenance. Medical equipment manufacturers (OEMs*) are alerted when problems are likely to occur, preventing system breakdowns. OEMs now have a global view of their equipment and can ensure service continuity, having a positive impact on the daily life of radiology managers.

Capitalizing on long-term expertise in radiology as well as in cyber-security, connectivity (IOT) and big data analysis, Thales’s unique platform ensures the highest level of cyber-protection for medical systems and prevents any form of cyber-attack. Predicting what will happen in the future is everyone’s dream… and that is what this cutting-edge platform allows today.

Please join us at the RSNA tradeshow in Chicago from the 1st to the 5th of December or contact us for any further information: mis.sales-contact@thalesgroup.com

*OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturers