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Thales is at the heart of the media campaign “Je Fabrique Mon Avenir”

Today UIMM (Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie) just launched a new video as part of their media campaign « Je Fabrique Mon Avenir ». Having taken part in filming back in Moirans in September, the campaign highlights the radiology activity of MIS’s Integration, Verification, Validation and Quality (IVVQ) team, shown through the experience of an apprentice, Fanny.

As an Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing student at the School of Engineering Grenoble INP - Phelma (Physics, Applied Physics, Electronics & Materials Science) and currently undertaking an apprenticeship at Thales, Fanny is the star of the show. As part of the IVVQ team, she works on the automation of radiology detector and imaging solution test benches, with the goal of testing their function to ensure high quality and reliability. Through her apprenticeship, Fanny has gained professional experience in engineering and looks to use it alongside our teams to improve the daily lives of medical professionals and optimise patient care.

UIMM looks to highlight the career opportunities that the industry domain can offer as well as contributing to the development and competitiveness of organisations. These objectives are being driven by the newly launched media campaign "Je Fabrique Mon Avenir" ("I make my future") that seeks to inspire the future workforce with Thales chosen to showcase how this can work in reality.

Thanks to media coverage via several platforms including cinemas, internet sites and social media, the launch of the campaign will give greater visibility to our products and our expertise in the radiology domain. Additionally, also presented in universities, schools and colleges, Fanny’s experience at Thales looks to inspire young people and to promote careers in Industry.

Discover the film here!