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Qingdao Metro Line 4 enters into revenue thanks to Thales SEC Transport 

On December 26, Qingdao Metro Line 4, equipped with the Signalling System of Thales SEC Transport, entered into revenue.

As the east-west artery running through Qingdao city, Qingdao Metro Line 4 starts from people's Hall Station and ends at Dahedong Station, with a total length of 30.91 kilometers covering 25 stations, 12 of which are interchangeable with other 6 rail lines. The lines full operation will greatly alleviate traffic congestion and significantly improve the travel convenience in the main urban area. 

As the construction of Qingdao Metro Line 4 was affected by the pandemic, the commissioning of trains could not be carried out on the testing line as scheduled, resulting in a reduced commissioning time. In order not to affect the overall progress of the project, the project department of Thales SEC Transport creatively adopted the "integrated vehicle-ground solution on the testing line".  In the end, with the new approach, the project team successfully compressed the three-month commissioning task to 40 days, laying the foundation for high-quality operation.  

Since winning the first Qingdao project in 2015, Thales SEC Transport has maintained close cooperation and communication with Qingdao Metro operator, and delivered Qingdao Metro Line 2 and Qingdao Metro Line 8 successively. In the future, Thales SEC Transport will continue to cooperate sincerely with Qingdao Metro to contribute to the of Qingdao Metro construction and provide Qingdao people with more convenient and efficient service. 

Wuhan Qianchuan Line enters into revenue thanks to the TST

On December 30, the Phase I of Wuhan Qianchuan Line (the northern extension of Line 7), which was constructed with the participation of Thales SEC Transport (TST), was officially put into operation to carry passengers. The Phase I project of Wuhan Qianchuan Line starts from Hengdian Station and ends at Jinyinhu, with a total length of 21.12 kilometers covering 7 stations, including 4 underground stations and 3 elevated stations. Passengers can transfer to the existing Line 2 at Julong Avenue Station, and at Tianyang Avenue station can connect to Tianhe Airport hub. In the future, the Phase I project of Qianchuan Line will connect with the existing Line 7 and will have a total length of 69 kilometers, extending from Qinglongshan Metro Town in Jiangxia District in the south to Hengdian in Huangpi District in the north. As the longest metro line in Wuhan and an important skeleton line of "Wuhan on Rails", the eight administrative districts across the Yangtze River will be connected. 

Wuhan Qianchuan Line is equipped with the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system developed by Thales SEC Transport, which is safe, efficient and flexible. During the project construction, Thales SEC Transport and Wuhan Metro worked together and made every effort to overcome the impact of the pandemic and complete the project delivery on time and with high quality, winning the recognition of customers with the excellent performance. 

Starting from Wuhan Line 1, the first CBTC line in China, TST been working closely with Wuhan Metro to enhance Wuhan's rail transit industry and support Wuhan's evolution as a world-class metro city. In the future, Thales SEC Transport will continue to contribute to the great development of Wuhan rail transit.