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Two Lines in China Enter Revenue Service with TST Signalling Technology

Both Wuhan Metro Line 11 and Qingdao Line 8 entered into revenue service with Thales SEC Transport (TST: Thales’ joint venture in China) Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling technology. End users will now experience increased reliability and safety when using the two metro lines. 

China’s Qingdao Line 8 Northern Section 

At the end of 2020, the Qingdao Line 8 Northern Section entered revenue service, with TST delivering the CBTC signalling system with an interoperability function, allowing the line to interoperate with Qingdao Line 14 in the future.  
Line 8 consists of 11 stations, 48.3 km of track, including 7.9 km cross-ocean track from the Dayang Station to the North Qingdao Station; the longest cross-ocean metro tunnel in China. The Line is equipped with the TST SelTrac™ MS-China InterOPerability (IOP) system, which improves operations and reduces train and passenger delays.
The IOP system supports cities to prepare for future lines and expansions. TST will continue to provide its expertise and solutions to support cities in achieving this mission. 

Wuhan Metro Line 11’ s Gedian Section 

In January 2021, Wuhan’s Metro Line 11’s Gedian section entered revenue service. The Gedian Section is Wuhan Metro Line 11’s extension with 3.7 km of operational track. 
Line 11 uses Thales SelTrac™ MS China technology, providing the best passenger journey available and getting riders to their destinations safely and quickly. 
Line 11 is the first intercity metro line in Wuhan’s Metropolitan Circle, linking the Wuhan and Ezhou’s Gedian Development Zone. Line 11’s entry into revenue service immediately improves transportation efficiency for residents in the two areas, while increasing the integration between the main line and other metro networks. 
TST has been a strong partner of choice for Wuhan Metro since the first CBTC Wuhan Line One’s project. TST and Wuhan Metro continue to collaborate closely on many important projects, including the Metropolitan Circle development.