Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument for Commercial Aircraft - IESI

Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument for Commercial Aircraft - IESI

World leader in conventional standby instrumentation, Thales benefits from its expertise, gained in both Active Matrix LCD technology and solid state sensors including inertial and pressure components, to propose a self-contained Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument which incorporates Altimeter, Airspeed, and Attitude functions in only one (1) Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). Fitted with color, high definition and fully sunreadable Active Matrix LCD (AMLCD), it offers an enhanced ergonomy and it integrates perfectly in the advanced «all glass» cockpits.

With its small size (3-ATI packaging), it is compatible with all cockpit of new generation aircraft, including widebody air transport aircraft, helicopter commuters, and business aircraft as well as military aircraft. It is also particularly suitable for aircraft upgrade operations.

Thales is the world leader for this product, already fitted or recently selected on:

  • Airbus family,
  • Boeing civil aircraft,
  • Bombardier Aerospace family,
  • Embraer family,
  • Casa C-295,
  • Grob,
  • Gulfstream G150 and aircraft derivatives.


It provides the operator with significant advantages which lead to maintenance cost savings.

  • Advanced LCD technology
  • Reduction of LRU’s
  • Reduced panel space
  • Easy installation on any fly decks
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved maintenability
  • Increased accuracy.

Basic Features

The Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument uses its very precise embedded solid state sensors to compute and display on the famous color active matrix from Thales LCD the information of altitude, airspeed and attitude (pitch and roll attitudes).

The high resolution of the AMLCD is improved basically by the way of the anti-aliaising function which enables attitude display without staircase effect

Optional Features

Depending on your specific application, Thales can answer your needs by offering these additional features: ILS, Backcourse, Heading, Slip, Mach number, Dual baroset scales, VMO/MMO, Static Source Error Correction (SSEC) & Metric Altitude.

In addition, as a configuration option, the altitude and airspeed functions can be computed from 1 or 2 remote and interchangeable Air Data Modules (ADM’s), or Smart Multifunction probes supplied by Thales.

The 3-ATI can also be configurated to compute and provide Mach information on its dedicated ARINC 429 bus, contributing to optimize the Stall Protection System, avoiding pneumatic mach transducer installation.

New family of Integrated Standby Instruments (ISI) provides optional Standby Navigation System (SNS) in a dual ISI configuration.

Display Performances

  • Active display area: 2.4” x 2.4” (61 mm x 61 mm)
  • High resolution: 200 dots per inch (480 lines x 480 columns)
  • Number of colors: 16 basic colors
  • Viewing angle: compatible with the widest cockpits (± 45 degrees in lateral)
  • High brightness: > 100 fL (civil applications)
  • Dimming range: > 2000/1
  • Anti-aliaising.

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