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The world’s most capable electronic standby of the helicopter domain

Because helicopters behave so specifically in flight and operate in a particular set of environmental conditions, Thales has developed a dedicated IESI. In a single LRU, the Thales new IESI for helicopters features accurate low airspeed measurement to cope with the helicopter flight envelope while avoiding additional weight due to external air data computer. With three-axis acceleration sensors sensitive to 4G, Thales IESI displays attitude accurately even in the high-vibration helicopter's environment. Add to this enhanced HIRF immunity to deal with the composite cells of new helicopters, and 200°/s turn rate capability and you have the most capable IESI for helicopters on the market.


New technologies bring added comfort

LED backlighting offers high luminosity with significantly less power consumption (less than 18 W at full luminosity), as well as accurate low luminosity control and better homogeneity. The Thales IESI provides helicopter pilots with the added comfort of featuring the same chromaticity in both night (using NVG) and day operations. The Thales IESI features also extended graphic generation capabilities for easy symbology customisation, new transparent symbology and colour control as well as easier mock-up testing, product integration and certification.


Better safety at lower cost

Housed in a single 3-ATI mounting, the new Thales IESI performs three essential back-up functions – artificial horizon, altimeter and airspeed indicator – all in one place. Putting three times more functionality in a single piece of equipment increases reliability while cutting direct maintenance costs compared with conventional standby instrument solutions. Thales also proposes a wide range of additional features to further alleviate pilot workload and reduce weight:

  • ILS (Instrument Landing System)
  • VNE (Velocity Not to Exceed)
  • Slip/Skid indicator
  • Vzbi (Accurate and swift hybrid barometric/inertial vertical speed measurement)
  • VOR display
  • Dual NAV display capability
  • Integrated back-up radio control


The experience of the world leader

The reliability of an aircraft’s back-up instrument is synonymous with safety. With more than 6,000

systems delivered to customers including Airbus, Boeing, Sikorsky and Eurocopter, Thales IESI systems have accumulated more than 50 million flight hours and add a million flight hours every month.