From computer-based training to full-scale replica of control rooms, these training devices provide the power plant teams with the required level of mission readiness and preparation, whether for routine operations or emergency procedures.

30 years of experience
  • 1977: first Nuclear Power Plant full-scope simulator (EDF)
  • 80 systems delivered world-wide (30 Nuclear Power Plant full-scope simulators)

Areas of expertise :

  • PWR Nuclear Power Plants
  • Fossil Power Plants, Networks and dispatching experience
  • Reactors & Boilers, Turbines/Generators, Control & Instrumentation
A large experience in different types of Instrumentation and Control:
  • Conventional French type
  • Conventional German type

In France: the 19 EDF full-scope simulators have been supplied by Thales with some partners.
Thales built energy simulators around the world with local partnership.
Experience in cooperation for export projects with local industrial partners and customers.