Paris Air Show 2015

The 51st Paris Air Show is taking place this year from 15 to 21 June.

The Paris Air Show is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in the world. Since the first edition over a century ago, it has been a chance to showcase all the latest developments and technological innovations and a key business and networking opportunity for the global aerospace and space industry.

The 51st show at the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition centre will be reserved for trade visitors for the first four days, then open to the general public for the last three days.

With an exceptional international footprint and a proven potential for innovation, Thales is recognised as one of the leading players in the aerospace sector in France and internationally.

We are a trusted partner of aircraft manufacturers, airlines, air traffic control authorities, airports and civil aviation authorities, contributing to the future success of the civil aerospace sector as it steps up to the challenges of air traffic growth, flight safety, economic and environmental performance, security and passenger comfort.

Thales is the only company in the world to provide both onboard equipment (cockpit and cabin solutions) and ground equipment (radar, air traffic management systems, etc.):

  • No. 1 worldwide in air traffic management.

More than 40% of the world’s airspace is managed by Thales air traffic control centres. Thales equipment is used by two-thirds of the aircraft that take off and land in the world every day.

    • No. 1 in Europe in flight avionics
    • No. 2 worldwide in in-flight entertainment and communications, and a pioneer of in-flight connectivity (Thales brings you Wi-Fi access in your seat!)

    The 2013 Paris Air Show attracted more than 139,000 trade visitors and 176,000 public visitors.

    From 15 to 21 June, follow the event live on our website!