In-Flight Entertainment Solutions - IFE

In-Flight Entertainment Solutions - IFE

Designed for passengers and crews, the Thales IFE offering has been selected by many world leading and progressive airlines.
Thales is the fastest growing IFE Company in the World 

Today Thales is a popular IFE choice for commercial aircraft. Known for innovation and flexibility, Thales continues to bring to airlines new IFE capabilities and services.
It started in the year 2000 when Thales decided that a new web-based IFE platform was the best approach to a new IFE system design. The Thales TopSeries IFE system made its’ debut in 2002. Since then, market acceptance has enabled Thales’ IFE business to grow into a strong global operation serving world airlines.

TopSeries Timeline

2000 Committed to design and develop a new IFE system platform
2001 Announced the new TopSeries system
2002 Installed the first TopSeries overhead system on an A318
2003 Installed the first TopSeries in-seat video system on an A320
2004 Entered the Digital Media Services business calling it TopEffects
2005 Won the Frost and Sullivan award for product innovation
2006 Installed TopSeries audio video on-demand systems on regional jets
2007 Recognized as a Crystal Cabin Award finalist for IFE
2008 Introduced TopConnect suite of connectivity solutions for IFE
2009 Put the total number of TopSeries system sales over 1,000 aircraft

Over the years, airlines have witnessed Thales’ “industry first” achievements. For example, Thales was the first to design an audio and video on-demand system for regional jets. Unheard of in the history of IFE, Thales designed an IFE system that did not require seat boxes. Today, this innovation has allowed passengers on short haul flights to enjoy a wide range of entertainment, and has enabled airlines to maintain onboard service commonality across their fleet.

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