Damocles XF, Thales’s future multifunction targeting pod

Paris Air Show, 17 June 2009 - Thales is developing a new version of its multifunction targeting pod, Damocles XF, to provide air and naval air forces with a solution boasting unparalleled performance. This new version is expected to be up and running in 2012 and will incorporate, in particular, new communication means and an enhanced identification system, thereby improving its effectiveness irrespective of the environment.

The development of the Damocles XF benefits directly from investments and state-of-the-art technologies in software and optronics components. For this, Thales is relying in particular on Advanced Research Programs (ARP) like AIDA and MASTRID, financed by the French Defense Procurement Agency.

Consequently, Damocles XF's development meets the most specific requirements as concerns the main phases of air operation engagements.

Regarding long-range, Damocles XF will benefit from Damocles's outstanding performance, which already guarantees that laser guided arms can be used at the range's extreme limit, thereby providing maximum security for the platform and the team.

For short-range engagements in complex environments, including urban areas, the effectiveness is based not only on the guidance precision, but also on positive day and night identification. To provide the pilot with the most advanced reconnaissance and identification capabilities, Damocles XF will therefore have high-resolution InfraRed (IR) imagery and a new day-light camera.

In joint operations with close air support, the new data transmission capability integrated in Damocles XF will facilitate data and video exchange with ground troops, will improve the chain of command's control and will increase the engagement's precision. The data liaison system will be completely interoperable with the systems used by forces engaged today in joint operations.


Damocles - qualified on aircraft carrier and engaged in different theatres of operations - is the result of Thales's recognized expertise in airborne optronics systems, for which it is a European leader. Since 1975 and the launch of ATLIS, more than 400 targeting pods have been delivered to the French Air Force and several other air forces around the world.