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The Sagittarius Evolution is a small arms trainer that covers all areas of marksmanship training from law enforcement applications, close quarter combat up to full military battlefield engagement training.

Using the latest CryEngine© simulation technology, Sagittarius Evolution provides both virtual and live firing training capability for individual and unit training.

Sagittarius Evolution can be linked to other systems and/or additional modules out of the Sagittarius Evolution product line such as the Door Gunner, the Vehicle or the Boat Module. All modules can be provided with motion platforms.

With more than 20 years of experience in small arms training and service to military and law enforcement organizations all over the world, Thales is specialized in providing state of the art simulation systems. The latest development of the small arms product line is the Sagittarius Evolution simulation system.


  • Virtual and optional live firing training Mission
  • Military, law enforcement and private security companies