>> The Key to military mission success

Flight technologies and expertise

  • Thanks to Thales’s extensive HMSD experience, the TopSight design offers the best trade-off between operational requirements and safety
  •  TopSight makes use of successful technologies already developed and proven on TopOwl HMSD helicopter variant

>> Combat proven technologies for unrivalled performances

Combat proven technologies :

  • Accurate EM Head Tracking System
  • Integration validated on 10 platforms/17 countries
  • High precision form fitting 

The safest helmet :

  •  The lightest helmet on the market - Headworn weight: < 1.5 kg
  •  Optimized balance
  •  Qualified windlast 625 Kts
  •  Unlimited peripheral vision
  •  Large eye relief compatible with prescription glasses
  •  Laser protection 

Technical features :

  •  Monocular 20°
  •  Visor projection / HUD type symbology
  •  Video recording

Qualified and flight proven :

  •  Qualified on Mirage 2000-5 and MiG-29
  •  Selected by French Air Force and Dassault on Mirage 2000-5
  •  Selected by MiG corporation to equip MiG-29 K for the Indian Navy  

Modular design :

  •  One basic helmet per pilot
  •  One display module per seat
  •  Night vision capability
  •  Reduced cost of ownership

>> A force multiplier for fighter


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