Thales Group - Topsky_ATC

The worldwide leading solution for automat ion systems

  • Suited for applications ranging from approach to en-route control, from oceanic airspaces to high density traffic areas, and both civil and military
  • A mature and future proof ATC system covering more than 100 FIRs and 40% of the world’s airspace
  • Meets all the requirements for ASBU Block 0 and the currently defined operational requirements for Block 1
  • F ully compliant with all international and European standards
  • Designed with controllers for controllers
  • Enables our customers to meet their environmental commitments


The MAESTRO ATM system offers a fully integrated AMAN/DMAN solution for automated support of arrival, departure and runway management. MAESTRO’s qualities have made it the most widely used sequencing and metering system in the world.

MAESTRO AMAN/DMAN integration is particularly efficient at mitigating airport airside congestion and delays at a regional scale as it enables a unified management of the terminal manoeuvring area (TMA) configuration, with a possible extension to five independent TMAs. MAESTRO also addresses environmental issues by providing a better management of trajectories, thus reducing fuel consumption, CO2 and noise emissions



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