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Enhancing surface management & tower automation

  • Fully integrated ATC tower system providing complete surveillance and monitoring of aircraft and vehicles
  • Improved safety and efficiency, and optimised capacity performance in the airport environment
  • Conflict prediction and alerts to controllers
  • Intuitive, easy to use system allowing controllers to make quick and accurate decisions
  • Seamless operations with silent coordination within the tower cab or adjacent approach units
  • Reduced controller workload by correlating surveillance and flight plan information 



  • Interoperability with ATC and airport agencies and equipment for enhanced situation awareness in all daylight and weather conditions
  • Identification of all airport movements on controllers’ consoles, by using one or more sensors
  • Supporting all standard interfaces including AFTN, ICAO ATS , ADEXP, SYSCO OLDI and AI DC, and integrating the Departure Clearance datalink service
  • Ensuring the consistency of flight plan data between the tower and approach centres and benefitting controllers with reduced workload and increased confidence


  • Thales’s offer: a complete array of communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management systems to provide a fully integrated gate-to-gate solution
  • Integration of TopSky - Tower with TopSky - ATC to ensure seamless coordination between tower and approach control


  • Easily adaptable to different tower configuration layout, workflow, touch screen)
  • High level of automation supporting both electronic strip board and flight lists to manage flight data through optimised workflow
  • A-SMGCS function up to level 4
  • Reliable display of the actual traffic situation with positions superimposed on the synthetic airfield map
  • Safety nets generating safety threat or conflict alerts in the movement area
  • Meteorological conditions and airport equipment status displayed (ATIS letter, QNH, Navigation Aids System status…)


  • Thales: leading industrial contributor to the SESAR Joint Undertaking, actively participating in 39 different airport projects
  • Installation of TopSky - Tower as the validation platform for SESAR activities at France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport for validation by the French DSNA
  • Solution developed in line with SESAR, making sure it will be fully conform to all future SESAR standards
  • All set for the ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades ready: already meeting Block 0; benefitting in the near future from all the block upgrade capabilities for airport operations