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ARTEMIS is the most advanced cooled IRST.


ARTEMIS is the most advanced full stare IRST, operational on board of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and Aquitaine Class FREMM frigates.

ARTEMIS provides a permanent 360° panoramic day and night air and surface surveillance, without any blind sector.

ARTEMIS offers high performance long range detection and tracking of conventional, asymmetric and emerging threats such as hypersonic missiles. Thanks to its high image rate, it provides superior capabilities against high speed very maneuvering targets. It is fully passive and immune to jammed or cluttered electromagnetic environment. It proves to be a highly valuable complement to naval radars.

ARTEMIS can detect, track and classify automatically up to 200 simultaneous objects within the air and surface self-defense zone. It uses last generation infrared detectors. Its innovative processing algorithms are fully designed for naval environment. 

ARTEMIS service and support is optimised. High reliability is achieved thanks to inertial electronic image stabilisation, avoiding moving mechanical parts, optimising service and support.  Sensor replacement is “plug and play”, avoiding tedious adjustments.