• Territorial waters and Economic Exclusive Zone surveillance
  • Site surveillance: ports, oil & gas platforms, high-value sites...
  • Policing missions
  • Detection of asymmetric threats
  • Low altitude surveillance (small airplanes, helicopters, ...)


This is what we see!

Validated data during on-site trials with a radar antenna elevation of 40 m and a Sea State 3.


Thales Group - Coast Watcher 100 - Comparison table


(RCS : Radar Cross Section - ASL: Above Sea Level)


  • The Coast Watcher 100 is built around a Modular Solid-State Transmitter permitting high performances and availability. It is associated with a COTS (PC) hardware-based processing allowing the best performance/cost ratio.
  • The Kinematic Scan To Scan© signal processing technology of the algorithm, performs a precise filtering of all environmental clutters (including extreme weather conditions), allowing precise small target detection, discrimination and a low false alarm rate. It allows a very small target detection even in a harsh environment (rain, sea-state 5).It simply provides detection, where competitors are blind.
Thales Group - Coast Watcher 100 - Scan to scan
  • · All Thales radars are developed out of a building block platform technology, permitting easy repair and upgrades.

Universal interfacing with existing systems

The Coast Watcher family is made of an open-architecture based on COTS elements, leading to a low-cost radar production and a universal interfacing with all existing systems in operation today. Moreover, this universal interfacing will allow you to perform an easy integration of your radar in a future larger system you might think of.


Solid-state technology allows a very high operational availability thanks to its graceful degradation. Combined with a new software processing developed for the last Thales defence radars, Coast Watcher 100 is only switched-off once per year for a preventive maintenance.

Customer Service

As a worldwide civil and defence radar leader, Thales provides to all his customers around the world a highly efficient and tailored support service, through his global network, allowing best capability and mission availability to our customers.


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