There is a Thales cost-effective radar to fulfil all the missions under your responsibility.

Thales proposes today a new family of dedicated Coastal Radars named Coast Watcher Radars. They were developed with the idea of proposing for each coastal surveillance mission, a specific Coast Watcher Radar dedicated at fulfilling the mission of the end-user within his budget.

Thales : A global radar specialist since 1918

Since 1918, Thales has been a global radar specialist. Today, our portfolio comprises more than 40 different radars operating within all capacities (Naval, Ground, Airports and Coastal), and in every operational role. Our worldwide customers include Navies, States, VTM operators, Oil & Gas operators, Port authorities.

Why develop a family of dedicated Coastal radars?

Coastal surveillance takes place in a particularly difficult environment, where:

  • Numerous small and non-cooperative objects are hidden in an intense ship traffic.
  • Among these various small objects it is uneasy to discriminate between jet-skis, speedboats, sail boats and potential security threats.
  • Islands, harbours, cliffs, can be masking the radar signal, potentially degrading radar performances.
  • Waves, buoys, windmills and many other items, add unwanted "noise" and false alarms, that might also degrade your radar performances.
  • High moisture of most coastal areas, extreme temperatures, winds and frequent rain are a menace to the longevity of your equipments.
  • In most countries, security missions in coastal surveillance are increasing. Still, the responsibility is scattered between multiple Ministries, Agencies and Authorities, resulting in a general responsibility burden on all coastal actors.

Today most radar products offered on the market are not built out of dedicated equipments and processing, but are only geographic adaptations of radars designed for other missions in other environments. The result is that most equipments are under-performing at a high purchase and maintenance cost.

Unlike existing market offers today, the Coast Watcher family was only made to operate in such a difficult and cluttered environment, where only a dedicated radar with a specifically designed processing algorithm can perform an optimum mission.

Coast Watcher radars are providing trustful and precise detection, discrimination and low false alarm rate in an extremely busy and difficult littoral environment.


Each of the proposed radar already has reference customers, and all performances provided, are not the result of simulations but of on-site trials. We therefore are committed to our performances.


For any information on the Coast Watcher radars, please contact: