Comprehensive cyber security offer to fight all types of attacks

In a world that is increasingly relying on information networks and web-based communications, information system security must be more proactive and dynamic in order to detect attacks and provide effective operational responses at the earliest possible stage.  

To answer these needs, CYBELS provides a global approach offering the capabilities to protect government administrations and business information and communication systems. 

 • A comprehensive and open-ended solution dedicated to active defence

• Designed to protect critical information systems against cyber threats by anticipating, preventing and rapidly responding to attacks

• A modular solution that can be adapted to any particular needs and interfaced with existing systems

• Providing a permanent and dynamic risk treatment

CYBELS: Global Solution to Face New Security Challenges 

• Central coordination and global solution offering high security products and services for information systems

• Delivering cyber security capabilities to ensure an information system surveillance, to help the decision making process and to improve the defence strategies

• Running permanent monitoring of critical information systems (24/24 hours)

• Providing a Cyber-security Operations Centre (COC)