Wideband vehicular Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Network your Forces with the mobile high data rate ad hoc network.

  • Multi-band, multi-mission programmable radios
  • Flexibility and product scalability
  • Compliant with Software Communication Architecture (SCA)
  • Waveform customization with Software Development Environment
  • Programmable Infosec
  • Support new high data ad hoc networking waveform
  • Narrow band and wideband channelisations
  • Full IP architecture: easy network and application integration
Thales Group - FlexNet-One

FlexNet Compact Vehicular Wide Band V/UHF SDR
  • V/UHF vehicular 50 W SDR
  • Transceiver: 30-512 MHz
  • Supporting mobile ad hoc networking waveform and associated voice, data and multimedia services
  • Supporting PR4G F@stnet waveform and associated voice and data services
  • Compact and easy to install, PR4G vehicular form fit


Thales Group - FlexNet Waveform

FlexNet-Waveform High Data Rate Ad Hoc Networking Waveform
  • Mobile ad hoc networking waveform
  • Up to 150 mobile nodes
  • Whole set of services up to 6 Mbps
  • Full IP architecture: easy network and application integration
  • Optimized Quality of Service (QoS) management
  • Intelligent Radio Ressource Management