Worldwide leader in civil training

Thales provide mission readiness by a range of complex training equipment and operators, to turnkey training services. 

Our distinguished and efficient expertise at Thales provides us with a global portfolio spanning from Helicopter Training Solutions and Services, Driving, Energy and Smart City applications embedded within their increasingly complex operational environment.  


Renowned global leaders in Training Solutions, Thales offer a complete range of high-tech helicopter training solutions. With innovative modeling technologies, we create realistic cues and fully immersive environments to reach operational efficiency and give access to the highest standards of certification. 

Thales provide trainers, flight simulators, and turnkey services for all mission types:
  • Search & Rescue
  • Oil & Gas operations
  • Fire Operations
  • Civil Security
  • Medical Emergency, Thales offers a complete range of helicopter training solutions (covering all types of Trainers, Flight Simulators)
Based on our profound understanding of the operational environments and mission cycles, our training service offerings for helicopter training can span courseware design and delivery, collective classroom training, Full Flight Simulators and up to a global offer within turnkey training centre.


Take advantage of the training capabilities of the most  advanced Full Flight Simulator
  • Innovative technology from Thales benefiting from 85 years of experience in flight simulation
  • Large choice of specific flight scenarios and mission types
Optimize your training budget while preserving the availability of your helicopter fleet
  • Enjoy a competitive and flexible offer and pay by the hour for your flight simulator sessions
  • Keep your fleet available for daily operations while you train on a simulator

Smart Cities

​Urban modelling and animation
  • Safety applications
  • City Operators Training


These solutions are based on Thales know-how in 3D Modelling & Simulation, Intelligent Urban behaviours and control centers for operators training.


Our solutions have been independently assessed as good as live training.
Thales Group - sim driving2
Thales Group - sim driving1


From Computer-based training to full-scale replica of Control Rooms, these training devices provide the Power Plant teams with the required level of mission readiness and preparation, whether for routine operations or emergency procedures.