Thales' expertise covers all radars applications. Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems have invested significantly in new radar technologies in recent years, developing innovative air defence radar systems that are capable of handling today’s and tomorrow’s threats.


The GROUND Master radars are a family of versatile, multi-role air defence radars, dedicated to the protection of key assets and forces deployed in remote theatres. The GROUND Master radars are specifically designed to meet the following operational requirements: high detection performance, high track accuracy, weapon assignment, high operational availability and simplified maintenance as well as high mobility.

The GROUND Master radar systems can also detect a vast array of modern-day threats, including UAVs, missiles, mortars and rockets and at critical ranges and altitudes. As military threats have evolved and become less predictable, the accuracy and granularity of data available from radars is increasingly important to operators and decision-makers entrusted with the protection of assets, passengers, civilians and armed forces. The GROUND range of air surveillance radars detect from very low to very high altitude against any type of threat.

The best detection performance at the lowest lifecycle costs with a wealth of experience and hundreds of military systems installed worldwide, Thales and ThalesRaytheonSystems offer customers the widest portfolio of surface radars, fulfilling all operational requirements for system integrators and end-users. The result of major technological investment, the GROUND radar range shares common architecture, hardware and software modules, and common interfaces. We believe we have set the new industry benchmark in terms of performance, operational availability, compactness, modularity and upgradeability.