The Ground Master 400 is part of ThalesRaytheonSystems’s fully digital 3D air defense radar family. Designed to protect key assets to forces deployed on remote operations, the Ground Master 400 is the only system of its kind to combine superior detection of air threats at any altitude (especially high maneuvering targets at low elevation) with an unprecedented level of availability and mobility (one single ISO 20 ft container). The Ground Master 400 has already been selected by 10 countries.

Ground Master 400 complies with the latest European environmental standards including installation in vicinity of wind farm, thanks to its innovative algorithms allowing the best mitigation of wind turbines effects.

Thales Ground Master 400


Key features:

  • Digital Beam Forming
  • MTBCF*: 3000 hours (*mean time between critical failures)
  • Operational availability > 99.9%
  • One single package (20 feet ISO standard container, 10 tons)
  • Plug, play and operate in Network Centric Operations
  • Chosen and planned maintenance with limited team

Did you know?

  • 36 Ground Master 400 have already been sold between 2008 and 2013.
  • The Ground Master 400 is available in mobile or fixed version. It can be delivered either in a standalone configuration and controlled and maintained from a remote location, or can be delivered in association with an integrated command and control centre
  • The Ground Master 400 is protecting the European Space Agency rocket launch centre (Kourou)