They also provide warning of a change in enemy posture or the presence of enemy activity, characterised by its broadcast pattern or message content. Interception and monitoring generate enemy electronic orders of battle. Electronic attack assets also contribute to force protection by waging command and control warfare against enemy communication nodes and deny manoeuvre coordination, attacks by radio-guided weapons, or remotely triggered explosive devices.

Thales Group - Land CIEW: LINX

Land CIEW is a range of tactical electronic support and attack solutions which can be delivered as equipment, systems and services. As a dedicated COMINT/ESM/ECM mission package it is designed to target the current and near-term radio signals environment of air land operations in peace, crisis or war: HF, VHF and UHF emissions, in fixed frequency or frequency-agile modes. As such, Land CIEW can include sensor payloads, sensor exploitation hardware and software, sensor integration on army platforms (shelters, land vehicles, UAV and light aircraft) and sensor-C2 integration on secure voice and data networks between combat net radios.