Building upon this unrivalled experience, Thales has developed the MAGIC ATOLS* using revolutionary RADAR design. This automatic, compact, stand alone system ensures maximum safety in all-weather conditions, during the critical takeoff and landing phases of UAV operations.

Both fully integrated and semi integrated versions of the flight management system are available. Using the same high precision position sensor, the system can be adapted for installation onto any type of UAV, for both fixed and rotary wing air vehicles.

MAGIC ATOLS non-intrusive stand alone architecture ensures quick and simple incorporation into any existing type of UAV system.

MAGIC ATOLS offers, as an option, a dual altimeter and a RADAR embedded secure data link redundant to the system link, providing essential autonomy and safety.

MAGIC ATOLS has already been selected for the UK Watchkeeper programme, the largest UAV programme in Europe.

* Microwave And GPS Integrated Cooperative Automatic TakeOff and Landing System